is it the new download thats causing the problems ???

im on a quest , ive loaded the retail version of c7 and for the last week ive only been having some glitches ,nothing like the complaints that have been coming in to steingberg so im wondering could the download process be getting corrupted in some manner and causing all these different issues , id love to know if your on a retail boxed version and up and running


On retail boxed mostly OK. Content seems ok. Only issues are not being able to register from Cubase but can communicate with everything else through Cubase fine. Maybe register has just not been set up yet.
Most problems I see look from this end to be related to the program being so new and radically changed so we’ll likely see a crystallisation of the issues down to a handful from what looks like now to be a few dozen once new settings and options have been found and adopted by users.

so thats an ok for the retail version then catamoungous ???

i hope so as us hard to die hardcopy merchants might be on to a good reason for why steiny shouldn’t of started selling downloads innit ! ( im starting to sound like samwax now )

It was quite clear to me that C6/6.5 being optimised for W7 and C7 used both W7 and W8 that there were going to be great system upheavals going on and they will for another couple of months.
The comments after all new PC versions I have seen are pretty much typical for this release. The flavour will change from “Why, oh why, oh why did they…?” to “How do you do this…?” sometime over Christmas.

I downloaded the upgrade from 6.5 and I haven’t experienced any major issues. I think most of the people experiencing major glitches are the vocal minority while for the vast (silent) majority Cubase 7 is rock solid.