Is it time to drop the apple and get back in the window

Could Cubase 7 be the last dual platform version?

Is Apple making it too difficult for third party developers to install their products?
Do we really want temporary fixes and workarounds on £2,500 laptops and up to £12,000 Mac Pros?

Could it get to the stage where it is only possible to get software for Macs from an Apple or Apps store?
Do Apple change their operating system too frequently?

Is the Apple OS becoming a hairdresser’s play thing?

Can Windows match a Mac for the amount of info shown on the screen on either a 17" notebook or a 27" display?

Could it be this belongs in the Hardware forum… :unamused:

Yaaay! An Apple vs. Microsoft thread!

Let’s start with jokes first this time:
“Steve Jobs isn’t really dead, the doctors were just holding him wrong.”

Steve Jobs, first man to die from iCancer

Is that funny :confused:

This is not a hardware issue , nor is it a discussion on the performance or merits of each platform . The issue being is Apple making it too hard or inviable for third party software manufacturers such as Steinberg (Specifically Cubase) to fit in with it’s operating system and will workarounds put off Mac users from buying future versions.
Also could Apple make software purchase and installation impossible unless through some on line Apps store of their control.

The icancer was a light hearted pun at the i branding and not meant to cause offense.

its been time for a good while now…
All cross platform software runs better on windows than OSX.

Apple is far behind the technology curve in processor speed.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is following closely in Apple’s footsteps.

Let’s all sell our DAW systems and get MPCs.

Thanks for pointing out Microsoft’s similar policy.

Could it be that in the not too distant future our computers will be the devices provided by the broadband or multi media providers ( Virginmedia, Sky etc.) as part of the monthly deals (Like mobile phones) , with their (or a) choice of operating system. We will have to lease / rent the software on monthly agreements (Cubase, VSTs etc.) and our compositions and mix downs will be stored on a cloud.

The world of non ownership is around the corner.

All for the profit of major corporations and their shareholders :imp: