Is it time to wash the Cubase 7.5 tshirt ?

Do i take off my month worn Steinberg Tshirt for Christmas day and …

  • Wash it straight away ?
  • Take it off and put it back on on Boxing day unwashed
  • Not give in to peer pressure and sleep in the dog basket Christmas eve ?

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In true rock and roll style I have been wearing my Cubase 7.5 Tshirt since the MPS in London everyday ,at work , social and in bed .
Im dreading Christmas this year as I will be forced to change my Tshirt , my other half said she would rather sleep with our mud covered mut then with me in a month old Tshirt .

What do you recon shall I give in to peer pressure and take it off ?

Have you showered with your t-shirt on for the last month? If not, I’m surprised you still have someone living with you… :laughing:

This is one of the better topics of today, I approve.
I guess you could try wearing it inside out for a while :slight_smile:

No I haven’t Papi ive been stand washings , I thought about taking a shower with it on but I didn’t want it to shrink while wearing it , could of been a bit painful :wink:

Take Hot showers to avoid shrinking :laughing:

‘Ummm that smell’.
‘That smell is all around me’. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Carpe diem; enjoy it while you can, come January, if we get a 7.51, it’ll be obsolete :cry:

How ‘bout posting a pic of you wearing it?

Have you discovered any new bugs?


im still wearing it :wink:

you must smell like a compost heap :wink: