Is it too easy to record ideas nowadays?

I started typing and drifted off topic elsewhere … So I thought it was a better idea to continue here! :slight_smile:

The idea over there was a red button to start recording anything instantly. <<< SEO friendly link! :sunglasses:

Then my mind started to drift …

A red button will probably actually add to the halfassed ideas syndrome. It’s bad as it is with this ability to just start a drumloop and riffing around on a guitar or keyboard and you have something that sound like music. I wish I was kind of past that stage but I’m probably as guilty as anybody. Maybe it IS music but is it good enough to keep as a foundation for hours of work? Is it just your fingers moving as you taught them or is it actually real music/ideas/whatever you capture? Bottom line, it’s not necessarily for the better of the music that we can record anything anywhere anytime. Kind of like astronauts having the problem with living in zero gravity where their bones and muscles gets weaker.


Is it too easy to record ideas nowadays?

You could argue that it’s never been more difficult to record these days. If reading through this forum is anything to go by :laughing:

true enough!!! :laughing:
In fact, sometimes more than enough! :imp:
OK …
Let’s say in a situation where everything works just as described on the box
Is it too easy to record ideas nowadays?

It’s too easy for people to find out they don’t have any musical or engineering talent. This should be viewed as a good thing, but just makes them angry that the vast majority of the music business is just like every other job… It’s hard work, you start at the bottom, gain experience, you have to work your ass off, gain skills over time, practice practice practice etc…

You’ve got a point there but with these tools of today those who don’t want to start at the bottm have a finished product which sounds like music in notime, while at the same time e.g. programmers, scripters and coders especially when learning new stuff tear their hair out over somehting for hours or days and then they solve some specific problem and they shout “I’m the Kïng!” and they feel like that for … 10 minutes. Then they have to hit the next obstacle!!!

Musicians/Producers on DAWs buy a loop package, records some vocaloids, then use whatever social network to spam about they’re the next big thing in their chosen genre. And they believe it themselves!!! Every once in a while it catches on and the prophecy seems true …

Right, but it is like doing music as the lottery. And, those 1 time hits are more often than not, popular for ridicule, not talent. Remember the “Friday” song? That girl probably actually thinks she has talent. 99.9999999 of self published music is absolute shit from both the musical and engineering side. Dance genres, because of its overt simplicity and younger demographic, seem to draw the biggest number of suckers.

But, my point was that the vast majority of industry jobs are session musician, touring pro, broadcast engineering …
These jobs take time, patience and perseverance in order to make a living. The 5 people who get famous for 1 song wonders are no basis to make a profession choice.

Obviously it’s very easy to record nowadays, but really, is it too easy? Long time ago when reels were used more frequently, I used to run those all the time, so that I could build up audio material by simply having people around me saying things or playing at instruments, e.g. if the hit a cool riff or something. Nowadays, I run CD-RWs constantly, and sometimes I realize a gem or two and I rip the audio for possible use. This is also when I am by my lonesome, jamming or not.

So, do I think it’s too easy? Well, it is may be easier to get it in a portable/handy format today. Back in the day I had to either re-record or cut/paste (literally). In that respect, yes. Otherwise, no.

If the recording process is too difficult in a DAW environment, you’ve gotta question whether or not you’ve got what it takes to make the music.

For any of you peoples out there who aren’t patient enough to record with Cubase, there’s an alternative.

Its all about the time, not the tools… do you have the time to do it right?

It’s actually more of a pain for me to use my Zoom to capture a rehearsal from my band; upload it to my PC; import it into Cubase; and only then start to tweak the EQ, compression, etc. to get a usable recording for my bandmates and I to review later.

If I’m at home, I flip on my power conditioner switch on the front into which everything else (save my computer) is plugged. My computer is perpetually in Sleep mode so a click of the mouse and it’s alive in 2-3 seconds. 15 seconds after that Cubase is up and running.

The comment above that shouldn’t be new to anyone but for some reason isn’t being emphasized is that it’s not the degree of encumberment that should be questioned but instead whether there is enough time to devote to turning a musical idea into something that’s desirable from a consumable standpoint.

For example, “Friday” (used earlier) was well produced but the song was shit. If the people who were responsible for the rubbish were truly interested in taking the time to rewrite it into something more palatable they would have. But my guess is that they got far enough down the road and instead of stopping and starting over with a better topic (or at least a better treatment of the same topic) they decided to plow ahead in the interest of not throwing away all of the time and effort they had already expended.

Is it too easy to record? Why should it be difficult? What possible advantage does difficulty in recording offer? None I suspect. It’s certainly a ‘fruitless endeavour… failing forever’ if you have financial gain in mind, but if for you music is its own reward then it can never fail.

What about making it desirable from a purely aesthetic and personally gratifying standpoint etc ? Because the truth/reality is that whatever it is you produce is never going to be ‘desirable’ from a consumer/commercial standpoint unless someone significant in the ‘industry’ decides it is to be so. And I think we all know that the chances of that happening can be represented by a number closely resembling a 0 (zero).

When I was young music for me was a ‘collectable’ not a ‘consumable’.

“You say poh-tay-toh…”

We’re saying the same thing. Collectable was a better word than consumable but it’s what I meant.

That is the most fucking fantastic summary of how I feel about the issue. Ubiquitous or depth…

In the software world I work in, there is a similar adage. You want your software fast, stable and cheap… pick any 2.

Yep, something like that! Now we can close this one. :laughing:

Truly appreciated Moby’s comments. Thanks to Split for the link. It is a lot easier to record and to distribute, true. I don’t know if that means it’s easier to create something that is great. It probably doesn’t matter that it’s easier, because hardly any of it gets heard. So in that sense, it can never be too easy to record. It isn’t going anywhere; its purpose is to entertain and occupy the person doing it.

If all the choices that go into making a recording were made by a computer program, could the result ever be great, or would it just be ruined for anyone who knew there was no human behind the communication? Could a program be written that would produce compositions that struck us as original and worth listening to? I’m thinking it can’t be done because it takes a human mind to come up with just the twists that make something original yet still reaching other humans, based on an understanding of of how humans are reached (emotionally). On the other hand, I suspect it’s already been done, but I just don’t know it!

Wow, the truth really hurts. :neutral_face:

And with all the MIDI loops on the market, we have alot of noise pollution floating around, i.e. the same ideas written by professional producers floating around God knows how many times in some wannabe’s productions. In this realm, the digitalization is polluting the creativity in the music industry and resulting in these “ubiquitous” songs. Especially considering that many producers aren’t in it for the art but rather for the $$. So anything goes.

The problems for computers are they have no mind nor senses. They don’t take in the world and they don’t reflect upon it. It’s I/O-ports and data crunching and the data is what the humans feed it. That said, I’m talking about 2012 generation of computing devices … in 4024, however :astonished:


it is easy to record as soon as you configure your DAW right. Actually it takes a lot of effort and time. Every new hardware or software has some bugs (hardware’s drivers, etc.). It took a week to get C5 to act the way I expected. Still I haven’t figured out midi timing (midi occasionally records too early) It has nothing to do with hardware because everything works fine on linux with Qtractor and Ardour. I haven’t used this much because the GUI is … lets say just ugly. And cubase has many essential features built in.

So a lot of knowledge of computers is required to record something. A lot of true musicians have no will to do this kind of resource. Music recording is simple for less talented musicians who have perfect skills of computer. This is the main reason why it is hard to find the real talents. They study music instead of computers. In our days this could be the end of some great artist because we expect to find everything at our fingertips online.

Heres to Moby. Sensible guy.
The more the world seems to change.
Actually the less it does.
Remember the guy who used to continually mock and put down any act on stage and any artist except their own band or family’s band.
Well now you can just meet millions of them. Online football hooligans.
Maybe it’s time to move on and say Do we really need this? It’s actually getting a bit old and boring.
And not being online and traceable is the NEW rebellion. :mrgreen:
Turn off. Tune out. Drop it.

Actually I’d now rather use Cubase for rehearsing a small show and then playing to a small private gig of an audience I can trust who’ll just enjoy the night instead of advise me on career decisions and ask me if I do any Diana Ross numbers. :laughing:

For decades now everyone’s been into music to make a million bucks in three weeks when it’s far easier and reliable to properly learn one thing and earn the million bucks over 20 years. And all you get is twit bars full of guys who twit that they should be stars and want to kill anyone that disagrees with them. And of course everything is a government plot.
The government doesn’t have to plot when everyone else’s plot is there online. :laughing:
To take over a world, first you have to decide where it is.