Is it usable on Windows with 4k monitor

Using Wavelab 7/8 on Windows with 4k Monitor (24" - 182dpi, 200% Windows UI scaling) is not possible as the Wavlab UI pretends it is DPI aware but in fact does not scale the UI elements. So all icons are too tiny and the UI is not really usable.

Is the new Wavelab 9 GUI now correctly scaling on Windows? Or did it at least inform Windows that it is DPI unaware so that Windows can scale the UI?

I think that 24 inch with 4K is only practicall for editing photo’s and movies, for DAW you need a bigger screen with these kind of resolutuions.

With a 32 inch panle I think the menu’s and other things will be visible. I use a 2K 27 inch monitor, resolution is 2560 x 1440, the menu’s are readable, so with a 4K on a 24 would be a no go for me.

I wonder why they sell these screen in the first place, making the rssultion so high that a large font has to be implemented just so you can read whats on the screen…weird.

Is the new Wavelab 9 GUI now correctly scaling on Windows?

Yes it does.

I’m on a 27" 3840x2160 and all is perfectly legible.


Is the new Wavelab 9 GUI now correctly scaling on Windows?

Yes it does.


You must have changed some system defaults to get such strange results. Font sizes?

No, I just disabled the UI scaling from Windows (In the application shortcut I set “Skalierung bei hohen DPI Werten deaktivieren” under compatibility settings). Means the application cannot do the scaling properly.

When I do not tick this box, the UI is indeed correctly scaled by Windows. But everything is blurry including the fonts which makes it hard to work for longer time period.

Compared to Wavelab 7/8 it is an improvement as here even Windows scaling was not possible.

WaveLab 9 (but also most third-party plugins), expect DPI scaling.

Thanks for the explanation. I hope some day WaveLab and VST Plugins are capable to scale their GUI on its own. DPI scaling looks quite ugly (at least when the scaling is at 200%)

I think Wavelab could already do proper scaling, at least I can see big improvement when I set the environment variable QT_DEVICE_PIXEL_RATIO=2 and set the “dpiawareness=1” into the qt.conf file. Then the GUI is scaled by the app better (fonts are sharp with correct size and the icons are upsampled to correct size). But the plugins are not upsampled and are then too tiny to be used.

Be aware that HDPI can slow down (real-time) UIs, as far more points are to be displayed.
Side note: for users that like be screens (I do), I recommend this size: 32 inch and 2560 x 1440 pixels.

So far I did not experience any slow down issue with StudioOne (that supports UI scaling) on HiDPI monitor. Or any of the other apps I use. ( I do not have any special gfx card or top notch processor.)

I understand that effort to implement dynamic UI scaling is may too high in relation to the customer demand. However there is a chance that in future more users switch to higher density monitors (especially Apple users, but maybe also Windows users) and the demand will grow.
In StudioOne you could either enable or disable the HiDPI scaling, so if anyone has problems with the UI scaling, he could simply switch it off.

How do you deal with plugins that don’t support HDPI (most of them). Don’t you find the UI too small?

That is indeed a problem. They are too small.
I hope they support scaling too one day… If not, I need to replace them. ( I see no way back to lower resolution monitor). I am pretty sure when Steinberg starts to provide HiDPI compatible programs there would be increased efforts at plug in developers to also update the plug ins.