Is it worth buying a CC121?


I’m just curious toknow whether it’s worth buying a CC121 Controller. I own all the CMC’s with exception to the CMC-FD (useless in my opinion) and just wondering if it would be beneficial to get a CC121? I like the idea of having a physical fader (wish I could have a controller that had 16/24 Motorised faders) and would love to know people’s opinions on what the CC121 is like.



The CC121 has become invaluable to me. It is so convenient to have a physical representation of all tracks, regardless of how many. For me it is like a left “mouse” when composing, which not only makes operation faster, but I also do use the mouse less.

I love my CC121, but if you already have most of the CMCs I don’t think it would deliver you much value. I wanted it for the motorized fader too, but in practice I’ve found I prefer using the mousewheel for fader adjustments. The CC121 features I use most, in order are: transport controls, user-customizable controls, EQ, and track controls (mute, solo, arm).

I also use Wavelab and the CC121 works with that as well. Use the user controls for different audio processing tasks like silence and fade.

Ok, thanks. Do you get much mileage out of a real Fader for writing Automation in? I’m guessing the AI knob is stepped like the CMC-AI and therefore (for me) not of any use. The motorised Fader is the one thing that’s making me consider buying one but I am also concerned that because it’s quite old now that something else is just round the corner…

I like the fader for automation, I use it a lot, together with the transport controls, custom controls and track controls. The EQ section is a bit useless because the knob mapping is upside down and the acceleration is a bit too extreme to comfortably work with them. They’re ok for quickly accessing send levels, although the acceleration thing still holds.
The AI knob is indeed stepped.

Seeing as you already have most of the useful functionality of the CC121 covered with your CMC’s, I don’t think the CC121 is worth its asking price for just a motorized fader.