Is it worth keeping old versions of cubase

I was having a bit of a sort out of my loft. Up there I have vubase vst, cubase studio 4, cubase studio 5 and Halion 3. I now have cubase 6 and Halion Sonic - both were purchased as upgrades.

Is it OK to throw away the old versions or might I ever need them if I ever needed to do a clean install? I made the mistake of throwing out my old windows XP disc having bought windows 7 upgrade - a mistake because when I later needed to reformat my machine, windows 7 would not install without an install of the original XP disk. So I don’t want to make the same mistake with cubase. Or is cubase different?, would I be right in thinking that as long as I have the dongle, each new version is a complete version and does not require earlier versions to be installed.

That is correct.

Thanks - just what I wanted to hear :slight_smile:

I keep all of mine inside their boxes right back to Cubasis

But not installed, just wasting space, but someday I may need to get at a compositino made in an older version so I keep them available

I expect the updated e-license to cover previous versions Cubase 4 etc… even though it just now says Cubase 6.5

I believe that’s how it works.

Any Cubase license can open any Cubase that is:

  1. Of the previous product generation (in relation to the license), and
  2. Of its license level or below

For example, I’ve been able to open:

  • Elements 6
  • AI 5
  • AI 4
    on my Cubase 6.5 license.

Yes, like Shinta says. The only thing you have to take care of is having the latest e-Licenser installed. I sometimes still use SX3 on an older WinXP PC that way for conversion of older .arr or .all projects to .cpr that C6.5 understands.

Thanks for all the advice so far. Although it seems I can throw them out, I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it- either for nolstagia or because of some unknown unknown. Thanks anyway! :smiley: