Is it worth updating to final Cubasis 2 version?

I’ve been sticking with the penultimate release of Cubasis 2 because I have lost confidence since seeing all of the bug reports in Cubasis 3.

Other than the nag to update to Cubasis 3 should I stick with my current version or update to the final version of Cubasis 2? What fixes went into the final version and what bugs?

No replies so I upgraded to the final Cubasis 2 version anyway and decided to take a risk and pay again for Cubasis 3.

So far no real complaints about Cubasis 3 as it seems to have fixed my reported Cubasis 2 bugs. The Animoog mixdown bug and the MIDi/Audio sync bug.

So Lars, have you got a list of Cubasis 2 bugs which have been fixed in Cubasis 3?

Hi softbass,

Thank you for your message.
Glad to read, that you’ve made the change to Cubasis 3, and seem to enjoy using the new app so far!

Below please find the information, what have been added and changed between the release of Cubasis 3, 3.0.1 and 3.0.2.

Hope that helps!

Stay well,


• Universal app support
Create your songs with Cubasis on iPhone and iPad.

• Cubasis 3 for iPhone
A fully equipped DAW, quick and easy to navigate, on your iPhone.

• Group tracks
Process, edit and mix tracks as though they were a single track.

• Full-screen mixer, zoom modes and level metering
Easily extend the mixer up to full-screen size and more.

• New look, same feel
Creating mobile music is easier, faster, more efficient and enjoyable.

• Free Cubasis 2 in-app purchase transfer
Freely transfer previous in-app purchases from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3.

• 960 pulses per quarter note
Enjoy MIDI editing with the finest level of detail and precision.

• Up to eight rearrangeable insert and send effects
Use up to eight rearrangeable effects and change pre/post fader positions.

• 75 new effect presets
Make new tracks sound great, with an inspiring selection of ready-to-use presets.

• Undo reinvented with History List
Comfortably jump back and forth between earlier versions of your project.

• Redesigned instruments and effects
Enjoy improved user interfaces for more precise operation.

• Updated audio, MIDI and automation editors
File editing is quicker and more efficient.

• Improved MediaBay
Create folders, move files, share your music and more with ease.

• UI scale presets for iPhone and iPad
Quickly change the size and arrangement of the Cubasis user interface.

• Overdub and Looper recording modes
Choose the perfect mode for your recording task.

• MicroSonic instruments refill
Get creative with this great library of expressive instruments.

• Vertical event coloring
Easily keep track of the individual parts of your arrangement.

• AU MIDI effects automation
The controls and switches of your AU MIDI plug-ins can move automatically.

• Micrologue ARP (IAP) automation
Get more creative with the Micrologue ARP, now supporting automation.

• Don’t stop the music
Enjoy continuing playback while performing undo, redo and more

Cubasis 3.0 Improvements
• Arranger: Enjoy viewing more details thanks to the increased maximum zoom level.
• Precount mode (number of bars, 1-4) can now be set directly in the tempo pop-up.
• Long-tap on snap button allows quickly switching between OFF and previous setting.
• New global system info panel located in inspector shows CPU and DSP usage.
• Audio Unit MIDI effects section has been extended to eight slots.
• Effects can now be directly selected in the effect rack.
• Instrument and effect racks can be resized via dragging their title bars vertically.
• The effect rack opens on top of the keyboard, allowing to adjust effects while playing and more.
• It’s possible to minimize the instrument rack’s title bar to quickly switch presets.
• Chord’s inversions (root, 1, 2, 3) can now be configured in the chord pad edit mode.
• Keyboard range has been extended from C-2 to G8.
• The MIDI editor comes with its own quantization setting, independent from the arranger.
• It is now possible to mute individual notes within a MIDI event.
• Micrologue: The “My Presets” folder contains save, rename, share and delete buttons for enhanced convenience.
• MediaBay: “New Project” button allows creating a new project more quickly via simple button tap.
• MediaBay: Newly added “AutoPlay” button enables faster audio previews.
• In-app purchases automatically sync across all iOS devices where you are logged in.

CUBASIS 3.0.1 Version History

Track Inspector, Track List & Arrange Window
CBT-764 Scrolling the inspector vertically now works as expected.
CBT-1246 Addresses a rare problem, where pasted files remain silent, due to an undefined solo mute state.
CBT-1272 Resolves a problem, where loading a Cubasis 2 project leads to empty audio project files.
CBT-1275 Copied audio and MIDI files no longer remain silent after being pasted.
CBT-1289 Resolves a problem, where importing a MIDI file of extensive length can lead to graphical issues.
CBT-1296 Resolves a problem, where the wrong note is being highlighted while changing the note’s velocity position using the utility buttons located on the left.
CBT-1315 Pasting and glueing MIDI parts now works as expected.
CBT-1333 Group track routing is now correctly displayed upon first opening.
CBT-1339 Punch in and punch out now work as expected.
CBT-1348 Addresses a problem, where using track freeze could lead to incomplete audio renderings.
CBT-1364 Addresses a problem, where the length of a time-stretched event is altered when re-opening the project.

MIDI Editor
CBT-646 MIDI editor no longer loses its last zoom level setting when being closed and reopened.
CBT-1337 MIDI editor velocity bars are now correctly aligned to the bottom of the MIDI editor.

Instruments & Effects
CBT-990 Deleting a Micrologue user preset now works as expected.
CBT-1280 Studio EQ frequency automation parameter values are no longer displayed incorrectly in the automation editor.
CBT-1334 Tapping the paste/steps button in the Micrologue ARP in-app purchase, no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-1350 Resolves a minor problem where the send effect slots are overlaid by the effect rack user interface.
CBT-1358 Resolves a problem, where changing parameters of the Non-Linear Reverb of FX Pack I leads to fully distorted audio playback.
CBT-1366 Resolves a graphical issue, where the Studio EQ parameter curve is not displayed, when being assigned as send effect.

Audio Unit & Inter-App Audio
CBT-1215 Resolves a rare problem, where opening the user interface of an Audio Unit plug-in stops playback from running.
CBT-1254 Deactivating an Inter-App Audio effect now works as expected.
CBT-1303 Resolves a problem, where the last changes made in an Audio Unit plug-in are not remembered, when having its user interface re-opened.
CBT-1342 Changing effect parameters on specific 3rd party AU effect apps, such as Tonebooster Reverb no longer slows down Cubasis.
CBT-1343 Using ROLI NOISEwith Cubasis 3 now works as expected.
CBT-1344 Using GeoShred with Cubasis 3 now works as expected.
CBT-1354 Using Mononoke with Cubasis 3 now works as expected.
CBT-1374 Resolves a problem, where parameter changes made in an Audio Unit instrument are reset, after reloading the project.

CBT-1273 Cubasis 3 is now sending MIDI start/stop messages from the transport buttons as expected.
CBT-1274 Solves a problem, where loading a Cubasis 2 project can render Cubasis 3 unreliable.
CBT-1298 Improves a problem, where the undo history list appears incomplete or empty.
CBT-1300 Solves a serious problem, where instruments can play back out of time when using higher latency settings.
CBT-1367 Opening the iOS control center while Cubasis is running, no longer results in accidentally selecting the help, settings or in-app shop menu.
CBT-1371 Current projects get auto-saved when a recording has stopped.

Cubasis 3.0.2 Version History

CBT-1416 MiniSampler Full Feature Update
CBT-0970 Apple Pencil Support
CBT-1409 Audiobus SDK 3.0.11

Maintenance and improvements
CBT-1388 Switching to home screen while background audio is enabled and playback is running, no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-1432 Importing an audio or MIDI file, while a group track is selected no longer renders Cubasis unreliable.
CBT-1219 Resolves a problem, where loading a project which is set to a different sample rate causes detuning.
CBT-1481 Addresses a problem where MicroSonic release times are played too long, compared to Cubasis 2.
CBT-1385 Inter-App Audio track monitoring now works as expected.
Holding a keyboard key and moving up into the minimap no longer leads to loud notes.
CBT-1401 Resolves a problem where MIDI effect plug-ins are listed as regular insert effects in the mixer.
CBT-1556 Addresses a problem, where the MediaBay toolbar is not properly updated, when switching to the instruments
CBT-1330 Registering Cubasis 3 now works as expected.
CBT-1522 Solves a graphical issue, where the monitoring button appears on MIDI tracks in the mixer.
CBT-1555 Resolves a graphical issue, where the my presets list have the wrong height.

Thanks Lars, fair play.

Thanks for your feedback, softbass!
Stay well & enjoy using Cubasis!

I personally will be staying with cubasis 2.8.3.
i have spoken with many who just give bad reports to me on cubasis 3, maybe in a few years when it it totally fixed may I update…

Hi bambam002,

We’re absolutely fine with your decision to stay with Cubasis 2!