is it worth using the control room if you're working alone?

When the control room was first introduced, I had a quick look at it then duly turned it off. Fast forward a few years and I’m wandering,’ am I missing out by not using the control room?’
I have 2 MR816’s, a CC121 and MC Mix so I have a full Steinberg system so the question remains; is it worth using the control room if you’re working alone or with just one other person?



I think unless you need to make different cue mixes or/and use the control room function of MC Control, it’s not so useful to activate the Control Room. It’s also a matter of what workflow you prefer…

Personally, I tried it but prefer to let it off.

Hope that help !

I have it disabled now. Tried it - it’s good - but the added complexity in my little studio didn’t really warrant it.

Now when I need to create a separate mix for the vocalists I use the AUX bus on the N12 to feed a headphone distribution amp. That way I can feed them an instrumental mix including their vocals (usually with a bit of reverb to encourage them!) as well as a guide melody if they need it.

i only use it to toggle between stereo/mono monitoring, useful for checkin mixes in mono…i’ve also got a freq analyzer inserted on there…

Personally I love the control room, its actually one of the best cubase features.

For me it replaces the entire talk back and studio routing section on a board.

For the bedroom studio it could be an advantage with the listen buss, mono switch, separate click routing and separate control over output.

I use the control room all the time, just for the simple fact that you can leave your main mix where it needs to be , and turn the control room level down (fader is also on the transport panel).


I work alone and use the control room. I have midi generic remote control over mute, dim, stereo, mono, listen buss etc. I set up a stereo and a mono output to just one speaker which I find very useful. I also use the listen buss quite a lot. I also set up a separate headphone output so I can mute the monitors without having to reach over the back when I want to track vocals.

All this except the listen buss could be done with a hardware monitor controller though.

Ah, well I have a hardware monitor controller,so is it worth ditching my controller and using control room and my MR816’s connected straight to my questeds?

I’ve always thought digital attenuation wasn’t a good thing, however my monitor controller isn’t an expensive one.