Is it worth


I am thinking of buying Symphonic Orchestra but is it worth the 50 euro the ask now in the summer sale?


If it is the Symphonic Vsti that costs 99 Euro and now half price… that is a a good deal.
Where to buy this ?

Note : This Vsti is difficult to find on the Steinberg website, so i don’t understand why they doing it this way?
Solved: i googled it and bought the soundset
Thanks Steinberg!

Use the other Hailion manual for some background for classical composing
I am waiting of the first Halion Sonic SE symphonic cubase projectfile to see some classical composing

I also bought it I had the dvd which came with my Cubase 6 but when I installed that there is only 7 gig data installed.
Were is the other 20 gig. How much space did it take on your harddisk?



It are 114 new orchestral programs (sounds) that takes about 7 gig data on the DVD
The other 20 gig ?
I am sorry i can’t find back the Halion Sonic SE sounds…i use 6 harddisks :slight_smile: