Is Kontakt sort of a no-brainer install?

Whenever I search for new sound libraries the majority of offerings seem to be for Kontakt. The libraries created for Kontakt seem to outnumber the libraries created for Halion. Is is pretty much an unwritten rule that sooner or later I’m going to want and/or need Kontakt?

IMO, no.

I resisted NI for a long time but in the end, I found I was spending more time and energy trying to work around the lack of Kontakt than it was worth, so I just gave up and paid the fine.

NI’s pricing and occasional deals are IMO nuts, but I found myself in a position where a particular deal on Komplete represented better value than the combined cost of the updates to the two NI instruments that I actually use.

N.B. some Kontakt libraries are not protected and can be imported into HALion.