Is "Locate when Clicked in Empty Space" an option for KEY EDITOR?

Hi all,

Was “Locate when Clicked in Empty Space” ever implemented as an option in 10.5 for the KEY EDITOR?

I know about holding “ALT/Option+SHIFT” to do the job, but It would be great for my workflow to have the ability to click anywhere to set cursor always set to “ON”. Its kinda weird to have it on the main project window, but not as a global feature across the edit windows.

Or is this somewhere in the preference page, that I haven’t found??

Not that I can see.

I think the Locate When Clicked in Empty Space was added not too long ago and is a TRANSPORT preference where as in the KEY EDITOR it is an EDITING function. Thats what Im going with LOL.

Id put in a feature request as I do agree with you here. BUT, Option+Shift works fine for now

Bummer… really strange to me that all this time its just an option for just the project window.

I submitted to Feature Request, thanks shanabit!

Yeah, it should be GLOBAL for ALL EDITORS