Is Loop Browser and Sound Browser considered Legacy now?

just curious if the Loop Browser and Sound Browser are now considered legacy. Although there are still menus for them, they are no longer mentioned in the Cubase 12 online documentation. You have to go back to the Cubase 9 manual to find mention of them.


Are you sure, you are searching in Cubase Pro manual, please?

There’s no mention of those in the manual, that I can see. But there might be no need for an entry, since these are simply the Mediabay window, with different items pre-selected in the Show Media Types menu and Show/Hide zones buttons.

And- if you reconfigure one of them, the config is remembered upon restarting the program.

So in essense these are additional ways to open multiple Mediabay browsers at the same time.


Thanks Steve,
I have observed the same thing, that they are basically repetitions of the Media Bay with adjustments. But because they are no longer mentioned in the Cubase 12 online Web Pro Manual (Martin), I was wondering what the official word on them was.

Not quite so. Loop Browser compared to Media bay and sound browser has one more column(7 total) of attributes instead of 6 in MB and Sound browser. Because of that I remaped F5 to be loop Browser not MB so i can see my custom tags additionally :slight_smile:

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Ah, good call Grada, I see the extra column in Loop Browser.