Is Lucent Ochi FW Chipset Compatibe with Cubase

Hi I am new here and maybe this question has been asked before

Have you had a smooth run or had issues with Cubase with
FW chipset Lucent OCHI ?

I look forward to anyone input



Me again …Specifically Lucent OCHI chipset on Imac 8,1 with Windows XP and Cubase 4 soon to be 5 …any issues anyone ? Cheers,

Better off asking the question at the forum of the soundcard you run, which is anybody’s guess as you don’t provide the answer here.

Hi Thanks for your reply More specifically the sound card is inside the Motif XS Yamaha synth work station . In the past, after much grief, I had to change the FW card that came with the computer to one with a TI chipset as the one I got with the computer made Cubase consistently crash. After I repaced the FW card with one with the TI chipset everything was sweet…didn’t crash at all ever. Now that computer has died and I have to replace it on a budget so I am looking at an IMAC 1, 8 with the above mentioned chipset with the goal of installing Windows XP so I duplicate what I had before …thus the question Cheers,

OOPS I meant that the IMAC has a Lucent chipset