Is MCcontrol causing problems in Cubase 7.5?

Well, I don´t know what´s happening with Avid MCControl and if this bad performance is due to Eucon software or Cubase eucon adapter. In my case I can confirm that Cubase 7 performance goes bad when Eucon surface control is activated. Usually Cubase quits when I exit of app and I´ve noticed that I lose the IP connections of VEP instances with their respective VEP servers (?)… I tried both Avid artist series soft versions: 2.7.1 and 3.0.1
Has any MCControl/mix user experimented similar issues?


Using an Euphonix MC Control an an Euphonix MC Mix and noticed same issues after installing the latest driver from AVID, v3.0.1.
Went back to driver 2.7.1 - same, same

Finally I live with this - sometimes after some breaks within the recording session, I have to reset the EUCON in the Cubase/device. After that, it’s working again.

BTW: I’m on CB7.06, but same issues


Thank you for your reply. I see that is a common issue.
What is very suspect is that MCControl/mix don´t work correctly in DIgital Performer either. If this Avid behavior with other non-Protools DAW don´t change we´ll have to abandon these surface controls… I hate Avid :imp:


I use an Eucon McMix and an Eucon mc Control. Eucon 3.0.1. seemed to work or a while (not losing Connection to Cubase), but that was unfortunately a wrong Impression. I am using Eucon 2.7.1 and it is working reliably without any Performance Problems. there are some bugs in the implementation, but well.

My main Topic is that i simply do not understand, that Steinberg provides an Eucon Adapter but no documentation what it really does. This is really, really unprofessional.

Cheers, Ernst


Indeed, I’m really happy with this gear :exclamation:
It’s still impressing, what wide range of functionality is covered with it. I didn’t see any other controller on the market, who is able to deliver this.

Actionally, I don’t really cae about the description of the EUCON by Steinberg. As long as I can address any keystroke/shortcut and almost any command from Cubase, I won’t change.

BTW - will change the faceplate of the MC Mix and MC Control due to cracks and brocken parts on the surface. Unfortunatelly it will be AVID named then, no more Euphonix, but will look nice as well :wink:


I truly wish the MC Control worked as advertised, at least for me. The concept is simply stellar, but the execution was woefully lacking. Lost connections, flickering screen, random program changes - you name it; whatever issues and bugs there are, I ran across them.
In the end, I simply got rid of the gear and moved on. I continue to see threads like this so I’m fairly confident the software and its connection to Cubase are still glitchy. I’m sure there are lucky folks who have it all working fine, but I wasn’t one of them.
I hope you guys get everything working as you would expect.