Is MIDI loop recording broken or just "eccentric"?

Hi. I’m coming from Studio One where I could loop record MIDI parts to my heart’s content and never experienced anything like what I’ve had to deal with here in Cubase Pro (12 & 13).

Here’s what I want to do:

a) record multiple MIDI takes of a piano part in an 8 bar loop — keeping all recorded takes in the lanes and not erasing them.
b) I do not want to hear the previous MIDI take (or all of them) play back as I’m recording the new one.
c) I may want to interrupt the session after two takes to listen, then continue to record a few more takes after that short interval of time. ie. not a string of consecutive recordings without interruption.

Sounds simple, right? Yet I can’t seem to make this work for me in Cubase. Should it be that hard? Is something broken or just worded/designed in a way that I cannot understand?

I’ve tried the following MIDI record settings:
“New Parts” & “Overwrite.”
I’ve also tried “New Parts” & “Stacked.”

Help. Me. I used to be good at this in Studio One. I swear. Now I feel like a beginner.

I’m using 13 Pro on a Mac. Not that it should make any difference.

Hello, Roland. It’s me, Roland. I have a solution for you.
If you are recording MIDI, use the mute tool on the last recorded take/event/thingy and that way you won’t hear it as you’re recording a new set of takes.

It seems part of the design that if you stop recording and then continue later, you’ll inevitably hear the last take being played. So mute that take and live happily ever after.

It’s Roland, right? Okay, just checking.
[ :stuck_out_tongue: ]