Is MR816 and HP Elitebook 8770w a good combo?

I’m considering a HP Elitebook 8770w laptop for live performances. This laptop has a FW port, which is essential since my sound card is a MR816x. However, I need to know for sure that my MR816 is compatible with the FW chipset in this laptop. Are there any MR816 users here that might know?

I have an older model Elitebook so there might be a different firewire interface in yours, but mine works without a hitch with the firewire interfaces I have (had). No MR though.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Strophoid.

mine works ,as in : I plugged it in and played a few projects through it no problem with my elitebook 4 pin FW connector.

I use my USB MR824 though as my master as USB has been 100% faultless on my elitebook.