is mr816 discontinued?

? i want one …but seems to be discontinued is the ur824 the only replacement in the near future?

Where did you see it as being discontinued? I’m in the US, and the page at shows it is available.

i went and asked to order one at 2 stores in Toronto as they dont stock them. Both said they were discontinued, One was dealing with Yamaha Canada directly, this is what i get when i try to navigate to buy from the website

I saw the broken link too, I had to find another way. Did you try the link I included in my post?

It worked the first time but now it has stopped working…really wierd

I don’t know what kind fo store you were at, but I would not put too much stock in what they say.

Also, it’s in stock at the online places.

Thats exactly why im asking here…just weird that 2 stores said so

On the other hand, maybe they are coming out with something new. the MR816s came out in 2008…

i just hope it hasnt been phased out in favour of the ur824

I doubt that, there are still a lot of firewire interfaces out there. I think they offer an advantage, but that might just be the kool-aid I’m drinking.

I guess we shall see at namm

… also waiting … as per SB’s [Knowledgebase] link :

If the ASIO buffer size is frequently changed in Windows in the Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver’s control panel, Cubase may become unresponsive. In addition, it is not possible to save and load presets for REV-X.

These issues will be resolved in an upcoming Cubase 7 and TOOLS for MR maintenance update in January 2013.

… January 2013 is nearing to a close, hope we see some action on this.

Supposedly, by the second week of February the new update for C7 will be coming out. Cross our fingers!