Is MR816X a joke of Steinberg?

I really don’t understand one thing about MR816X.

If I load a Cubase project including 2-3GB of VST insturments, Cubase 6 crashes. When I select Creative ASIO drive instead of MR816 Firewire ASIO drive from Cubase’s Device Manager, these projects are loading successfully?! So it is not related with Cubase but with MR 816X! (This also happened on Cubase 5 with MR 816X.) A sound card that costs lower than 50$ can load all big projects but a sound card that costs more than 1000$ can not!

I am going to change my MR816 sound card because my projects generally include VSTs more than 2 GB and the only way to open these projects is;

1- selecting Creative ASIO drive,
2-unloading VSTs,
3- saving project,
4- re-selecting MR816 ASIO,
5- opening related project
6- re-loading all VSTs one by one!

So should this be the way with MR816? or should Steinberg do something about this?

you’ve got a system problem there i would say. I’ve been using MR816’s since they came out without any issues.
Running cubase x64 with large 24/96 projects,lots of virtual instruments, kontakt, EW play, garritan Steinway, halion etc.


A bunch of us had the same issue, but with larger projects…more than 10gb…you can check in the forums…never got an answer from steinberg…but, when I think about it, I have two mr816 and I can´t monitor the inputs of the second one …direct monitoring issue anyone??


Thanks for the answer Norbury, but I experienced this problem on 2 different PC systems with different boards, cpus and firewire PCI cards (both of them are using Texas Instrument chipset). I’ve read many topics related to this issue on this forum with different setups.

The main question is how can low-end Creative card’s ASIO drive open these projects successfully?

I have witness the same problem on two computers…when cubase crashes and the “hardware device setup” is no longer accesible on the menu, I can load the project just fine…

It´s a problem involving mr816 and large projects loaded inside cubase…(vienna ensemble pro seems to solve the problem)…we are not the only ones with these problem…is steinberg going to chime in?