Is MusicStudio for iPad OS just a watered down version of Cubasis?

I have Cubasis on my iPad Pro. If i purchase MusicStudio for iPad OS will I get anything from it that is not already in Cubasis?

They dont feel the same… workflow felt better on MS somehow, also feels it had more instruments…
But support for MS2 seemed to have stopped (last update in 2020)
Cubasis looks to be its continuation but the 2 apps dont feel nothing alike imo

Where MS was heavily focussed on music creation within the app, i think Cubasis has more a focus on Midi hardware… (somebody correct me if im wrong)

(Fun fact: the dev[s] from MS built the first FruityLoops mobile version [it looked very similar to MS] in V2 they created a whole new minimalistic look)

As far as I know, the software developer from MusicStudio now also works on the Cubasis team.

Which seems logical since MS2 was last updated in 2020 and thats also when cubasis was released…

Back when MS(1) dropped we use to talk to the dev thru the xewton forum, he’s a good guy.

Thank you

So I wouldn’t really be going anything by purchasing MS2?

Well, if development is stopped then it will eventually be outdated

I have a Samsung tab s7 and it says my device is not the playstore

I went from MS2 to FL mobile to Cubasis over the years…
I dont use midi hardware, ive had a blast building on MS 1 & 2, FL mobile was nice too and now Cubasis
Which is great but still has a lot of room to be tweaked. Never the less, overall does the job very well.

I think in the future Cubasis can be the leading mobile daw on the scene.