Is my computer fast enough?

The product requirements state that Cubase 10 needs an i5 CPU or faster. Does this mean any version of the i5 is OK? My computer has an i5-2400 at 3.10 GHz. Is this fast enough or do I need a new computer?

I’d say that’s enough of a processor for many tasks. The rest of your configuration - how well the parts play together - has impact on a fluid workflow too, it’s not just the CPU.

The i5 will take you quite a way I think, projects with many tracks, plugins and VSTis (enough RAM is interesting for the latter). If your projects get huge, you’ll know when it’s time to maybe upgrade.

I have 8GB of RAM. The rest of the system is just standard stuff, but it’s all kinda old.

Don’t worry too much. Try the demo, if you don’t have an eLicenser, check it with Cubase Elements - 30 days trial available: