Is my dongle starting to die a slow death?

Last weekend I returned the Windows 7 after a 2 month test of Windows 10.

For this new install - I actually replaced the system SSD and started completely clean.

Everything went fine install wise until day 3 when the box started acting funny during it’s boot cycle. For the first two days (while installing drivers/updates and software - including the eLicenser/Wavelab) every time I was prompted to restart - the boot cycle was maybe 10 seconds.

But at the start of day 3 - from a cold powerup - the box started hanging with a black screen for a longggggg time. I sat an watched it (without changing anything) for three complete cycles and I would not see the WIndows login prompt until 2 minutes had passed - black screen all around.

Then I hit the net for possible causes - everything I read seemed to point to USB. So I cycled the box time and time again - unplugging one USB item each round. Nothing seemed to get better until I got to the eLicenser. As soon as I yanked it out - the box booted right up in 10 seconds.

After that discovery - I put the eLicenser on a different port and cycled the box again. Seemed fine.

But today - again from cold boot - the same nonsense started up. This time I yanked the eLicenser right away and the box came right back up. So - I am now very concerned that this key may be heading south.

I should also mention - when I installed the latest eLicenser softwareback on Day 2 - it did mention a bunch of “errors” needed to be corrected when it did it’s first refresh of my key. Anything I should be concerned about there?

I am feeling like I need to get a replacement here pronto…

Anyone else see anything like this?


I have no similar experience, but from your description I’d say the dongle is indeed dying slowly… In your place I’d get a replacement. But, if you start up and then insert the dongle does it give problems? No USB-hub or USB3 port used? e-Licenser updated and maintenance done?

Hmm…funny you should mention this specifically (USB3). I looked round back and discovered I did have the dongle in a USB3 port on this ASUS z97-A board. As soon as I flipped it to a USB2 - everything seems to be back to normal.

What’s the deal? I thought USB 3 ports were totally backward compliant to ANY USB 2 device.

Is my cranky key just not accepting any USB 3 love?


Whilst that may be the promise, your mileage may vary. I have had issues with an Aladdin dongle also. There are also reported issues related to powered devices.

Some computer peripherals don’t seem to like USB3. I had a problem with a keyboard that I finally “cured” by moving it to USB2 and the same with a CD burner. Maybe backwards compatible is only a “marketing” slogan.

Just a quick update that everything worked fine again the morning from a cold start. No delays or issues of any kind and WL is working fine.

Does beg the question tho - what does one do here when USB3 becomes the “only” choice on a modern motherboard?

Does every Steinberg user have to shell out of pocket to buy a new dongle every time hardware standards move forward?


Glad you got it sorted. I mentioned USB3 since I’ve read of other people having problems with the dongle in a USB3 connection. Don’t know why this happens, but it’s certainly not just the Steinberg key having such issues.