is my laptop sufficient to run Cubase 8 ?

Greetings - -

I’d like to buy Cubase 8, but before I do, I’d like to make sure my laptop has enough power to handle it.

What do you think?

It’s a Dell M6500

Windows 7 64-bit
i7 920 2.0 ghz processor
8 g RAM
500g 7,200 rpm drive

Good to go?



Aloha R,

as a Mac user from what I have learned on this forum over the last
few years IMHO that set-up sounds just fine for C8.

Adding this stuff might also be nice
1- A killer audio/MIDI interface RME/Focusrite etc).
2-Double the ram to 16g.
3-Double the HD space to 1 tb.
4-If you can afford it, swap out the 7,200 spindle drive for an ssd.
5-Check the C8 ‘specs’ page for recommended hardware.
6-Keep tabs on the upcoming ‘Windows 10’ OS, in case you want to later upgrade yer ax.

Good Luck

My 2 cents:
See if you have actual space for a second drive, then get a nice 256g ssd as boot drive, install clean Windows 8.1, format your hdd and use it as an audio drive.
Adding RAM never hurts as well…