Is my steinberg down?

can’t acces my steinberg and my licences aren’t working

Fine here. (UK).

cubase license returned but unable to access activation manager or download assistant

Fine here (US). Just used it an 45m-hour ago.

check it right now please

still good

activation manager & download assistant & web page my steinberg?

@anteas38 you’re not in the same country as the other participants in the topic, there’s no reason to believe they can confirm your connectivity issue.

I tried it used a VPN to relocate to France, I was able to connect and log in, fwiw.

I have no connection problem, I have fiber and I started watching YouTube without any problem so I tried several sites and I can access them without problem

on the other hand with tor browser there is no problem and I can access it

You have a connection problem connecting to

There’s nothing wrong with connecting to Steinberg for the others in the thread. Have you done the basics, wipe cache cookies etc? That’s all I can recommend.

I tried everything I think, I restored a system image but it persisted and then it came back to normal this morning. Weird, weird

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Did you update to the new updater software? The old version will no longer work.