Is N.I. (Kontakt 5) no longer sold separately ?


I find it a bit odd that (Kontakt 5) is no longer listed as a separate product on the N.I. website.

I also contacted several music retailers to buy a boxed unit of (Kontakt 5), but non of them had one !

I wonder what this indicates ? Is N.I. trying to force us to buy their Komplete package just to buy (Kontakt 5) to make more $ ?

or is (Kontakt 6) going to show up very soon ?

Any feedback on this ?


i bought kontakt 4 separately about a year ago, then was able to upgrade to kontakt 5 separately about 6 months ago…
i just typed kontakt 5 into google and found the link that seems to do what you need;


Thanks for the link.

Yes, it’s still sold separately, I just wasn’t able to get to that point in their website. (Oh well… ) Just ordered Kontakt 5, I needed two additional licenses, I have Komplete Ultimate 8.