Is New left Channel zoom Behavior C13 wrong?

I have trouble with accidently zooming height of left Channel near Inspector.
This hapend in case I`ll explain.
When I change for example with mouse scrool level of sends in new left chanel pane and after that go back to arrange window and press keycommand for heigt zoom, instead of track heigt mouse still has focus on left chanel pane and accidently change heigt of inserts, sends, pre.
That is not good workflow.
In the mixer setting there is menu “zoom” and there is possibility to add special
KEYS for mixer zooming. This way you dont mess with 2 different zooms and thats OK.
But I dont understand why they didnt implement zoom of new left track together
with main mixer so THAT it listen to separate mixer zoom KEYS and not standard zoom KEYS??
Is there maybe at least some setting to lock the channel zoom?

I hope someone understand me:)

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