Is new Midi Remote bidirectional?

I’m trying to convert my massive generic remote(s) to the new Midi Remote but I can’t get feedback back to the controller, i.e., when I move a fader on the remote the fader moves in Cubase but when I move the fader in Cubase, nothing happens on the remote. I’m using Lemur on a Ipad and generic remote has worked perfectly for years…


Yes, MIDI Remote is bidirectional.

How do you make your MIDI Remote Device? Do you script it or do you use the MIDI Remote Assistant?

How do you assign the Volume of the track? How do you choose the track? Is it the Selected one?

Just as in my generic remote, I use MIDI Remote Assistant to assign volume (i.e.) to athe"selected" track.


Did you set the Output port for your MIDI Remote Device?

Yes, I use IP Midi virtual midi ports. As I said, it all works perfectly with generic remote. BTW, I disable generic remote when I’m using Midi Remote


Could you attach a screenshot of the assignment, please?