Is Nuendo 11 on Big Sur working without problems?

I am using a Macbook pro retina mid 2015 (intel processor) with Catalina wondering wether I can update to Big Sur without problems. On the Steinberg compatibility site it says Nuendo 11 on Big Sur is still beeing tested. Thanks for suggestions -

Personally, I always wait to upgrade, and am one to two operating system upgrades, so all my stuff works.

No problems here on a trashcan Mac Pro after running two weeks. N11.x is much more stable than 10.x , no unexplained crashes.

Thanx for this - this way your on the safe side - the nice support lady`s advise was to wait with Big sur untill the end of March, which is today… On the compatibility site it still says Nuendo 11 «Test läuft» - I better wait

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Thanx - is your Nuendo 11 till working well on Big Sur? Also the plugins?

No problems so far. My only issue is with the eLicenser dongle. After updating I had to move it to another USB hub for some reason. Good riddance when they get rid of it.