is nuendo 6 and 7 worthit?

i know that everyone want to have the later version of every software
but where can i learn all the new features since my version 4.3?
the x64 thing is not so important for me but i"m looking for a better score editor
the score editor in 4.3 is just very complicated to make it work when i go from nuendo to finale man it’s just a p in the a…

so my question is : does the news version of nuendo are easier when working with the score editor?


I cannot comment on the Score editor, as I don’t use it being a musical illiterate.
BUT - I can honestly say the following things:
1 - Definitely update to v6 - you will be astounded at the new stuff.
2 - Definitely go to 64-bit. I held back on this for ages, as most of the stuff I used stopped at 32-bit for ages but since the change UI have never once regretted this. Simply being able to access decent amounts of RAM makes an enormous difference.

It may help if you can say what sort of stuff you normally do? I know 4.3 was extremely stable, but v5.5 was even better by quite some way. The hardest part of v6.5 (and v6) is the completely redesigned MixConsole, but the way it all works now is a great improvement IMO.

ok thanks for all the replies
i work on classical music ( most of it orchestral music …)
the score editor is very important to me because if it doesn"t make the job then i have to rewrite everything
in finale and this is very time consuming

as long as you don’t use it then you can’t help me on that
i said i don’t care about the x64 and x32 thing because my projects are not so big
and when they are i split them in half ( i name them one part.npr second part.npr etc… ) so that it take less memory in then end
but of course in the end i have to regroup them
so far it hasn’"t happened i’ll handle that when the time comes :sunglasses:

and the video is made with premiere so i don’t need the video part of nuendo

thanks for all but although i know in advance that the newer the better then i’m not completely sure of that
,hence the question

for example finale 2011 has not make any progress since this year so i stick to it *

thanks again ( i thought that i never got any answer for this matter)

Fair enough.

You may get a better response if you report this in the Nuendo 6 sub forum instead of here - then those who are using the newer version will see your post as I suspect the lack of replies is much more likely to be because N6 users are not checking the legacy forum…

Worth a try, as there are a fair number of Score users who will be in a much better position to answer you than me.

ok thanks for that
i’m gonna check this out

All I can say definetly don’t update to 6 and beyond as the new mixer is a big, big mess. I can’t work with it. A total mouse over nonsense. Everything that was only one mouseclick away in 5 is now hiddeen in undermenus, rightclicks etc.

But go to 64 bit.

Nuendo 6 isn’t worth it. It is definitely a click fest. I would recommend version 5.5. It is stable, looks great, and has lots of features of which you could take advantage. I currently, reluctantly, use N6, hoping that they return to the old mix console of N5.5. Also, N5.5 uses a lot less RAM than N6. Have you tried the trial version?