Is Nuendo 7 more stable than C Pro 8?


I am still waiting for at least a few trusted Reviews on Nuendo 7 to be released and haven’t been able to find any yet. So, perhaps someone could tell me whether Nuendo 7 is more stable than Cubase Pro 8?

I am experiencing CPU spiking causing Audio Pops and drop outs etc when using ASIO Guard and Instrument Tracks and wonder if anyone with experience could tell me whether the same thing happens in N7?



Nuendo 7= Cubase 8 + a bunch of extra features.
Hope this answers your question.


Not really no. Does this mean the extra features will cause even more CPU spiking then?

Also, I understand that Nuendo without NEK is not actually like Cubase and missing many things?

No, the extra features will not cause more spikes. Just like “less features” will not solve the problem.

Have you tried all the troubleshooting for the CPU spiking?[keyword_search]=Spikes

Have you tried disabling “suspend VST3 plugin processing when no audio”?
Have you tried disabling automatic Hitpoint detection?

Etc …


Yeah cheers man. I have tried everything and think I am just going to use Win 7 because I never had these problems with C Pro 8 when using it. I would however be interested in some decent reviews of Nuendo 7…

N7 is solid for me. Used 10-12 hours a day. I work at 32 samples on an RME MADI 90% of the time. Only up the buffer for mixes using over 150 tracks and lots of plugins. Getting lots of work done with close to zero issues.

Note: I do music projects, not film. Might be different for someone who uses it in a different scenario.

Good to hear! :slight_smile:

Nuendo 7 intrigues me!

No show stoppers here either and as an owner of Cubase 8 Pro and N7, Fredo’s answer nailed it! :slight_smile:

Great! Looking forward to the reviews as I would love some of Nuendo’s features!

I have to agree. N7 is so far completely stable for me. 6.0.2 was also very very stable. And this is on Win 7 x64, on an old Phenom II machine. If Steinberg has done something really well (in my experience) it’s stability.

It does seem that there is a lack of reviews out there!! I’d also off purchasing until the first maintenance update is released. Not re any show stopping bugs, but there are a few things they are hopefully addressing in the update that a CBP8 user may have issue with.

i always feel like cubase is the guinea pig before it goes out to nuendo. kind of like toyota only adapt a new piece of technology if they are 100% it works, compared to mercedes who go with “newer technology”.

thats just what i think, ive never owned nuendo

Nuendo obviously benefits from being released months after each new Cubase version, but Cubase is no “guinea pig”. The delay comes from the time it takes to develop the Nuendo-specific features and testing if the new Cubase stuff plays well with everything else.