Is PCI sound cards compatible with PCIExpress


I have an old sound card that is an RME hammerfall dsp 9632 PCI and i wonder if it is compatible with My new motherboard that only have PCIExpress slots. I use a new sound card on my new motherboard and its a RME hammerfall dsp AIO PCIExpress. You may wonder why i dont wanna use the new sound card AIO and thats because it doesnt sound the same and good as the old sound card. It may be a cause of that it is different components on the new compared to the old.

When you MOBO doesn’t have a PCI slot the answer is: no.

I can hardly believe that.
Maybe head over to the RME forum for some confirmation on that statement.
And how did you hook up the AIO?

Sorry PCI is not compatible with PCI-Express.

However - there are PCI-Express to PCI adapters available…

As an example - here is one:

You can search one for your location and currency, I am just giving an example.

How good these cards work I really cannot tell, because I never used one. Anyway, it is a possible option to solve your problem…

Interesting, for some people it seems to work

Just because i think that the old sound card sounds better with the dark piano sound doesnt mean that the sound is better than the new with the bright piano sound. It might be that the new card with the bright piano sound actually is better in quality than the old sound.