is performance better or worse with the 7.5.30 update?

Im still on 7.5.2 and it works fine. i just got my macbook pro for mobile work and only the 7.5.3 update is available. i had to install from my 7.0 disk because i downloaded the 7.5 iso but i guess it didn’t download right?? my mac says its damaged after in click install from install centre. this is my first mac and first day using it.

anyway i installed 7.0 i just don’t want to install 7.5.3 on my studio comp unless its stable on performance. i won’t be able to work back and forth with 7.5.3 and 7.5.2.

any info would be nice.


oh my studio comp is a pc and my mac is well you know.

Aloha L.

1st thing that comes to mind is: ‘if it ain’t broke’…etc.

That being said, 7.5.30 has been solid for me with no ‘real’ probs.

But check for yourself here:

If you don’t need any of this .30 stuff, stay with what you now have
because as you said ‘it works fine’.

Good Luck!