Is playback broken for old scores?

I have a score that won’t play in version 1.0.20, but used to play fine in version 1.0.10. If I export a musicxml file and reimport it it will play back fine. But the original .dorico file won’t play back. I’ve tried all the usual suspects (.e.g, apply default template etc.). I can get new files to play back fine using Halion or any other player. But not this old file.

I’m also seeing something weird at the bottom of the Play mode window that I have not seen before. See attached.

I’ve reinstalled twice and still same symptoms.

The dorico file is attached.
playback mode.png (1.61 MB)

I wonder whether this is one of the cases where somehow the routing data that the audio engine needs in order to connect the outputs of the plug-ins to your actual audio outputs has gone missing. We’ve seen a couple of cases of this but so far we’re not sure what causes it.

I was able to get your project to play back fine again by deleting the audio engine data from inside it, then doing Play > Reapply Default Playback Template after reopening it. I’ve attached the fixed version for you.

The artefact at the bottom of the Play mode display is the Properties panel, which is obviously not supposed to show in Play mode. Switching away and back to Play mode resolves that cosmetic glitch. (1.4 MB)

Thanks for fixing the file. I’m happy you figured it out. I was pulling my hair out trying to get this to work. So how exactly did you delete the audio engine data?

I’ve also had a look at the engine data, and yes, the port mappings somehow got lost, i.e. the audio engine doesn’t know anymore to which output port to send the processed audio to, so instead everything just goes into void.

We have this in our bug base, but we don’t have any clue yet of how this bit of information can get lost. Sure it must be during people work on a project and then save it again, but we only get occasional reports, but no recipe to reproduce that problem in order to fix it. So any kind of additional information would be greatly appreciated.

In case you want to fix such project yourself, it’s not so difficult. The Dorico project file is a zipped container, so you can simply unzip it with your favourite zip tool. After unzipping delete the file supplementary_data\vstaudioengine\enginedata and zip up the whole lot again (the folders META-INF, supplementary data and the files score.dtn and scorelibrary.dtn). Make sure that you change the extension from ‘zip’ to ‘dorico’.
Then load the project into Dorico and do Play > Apply Default Playback Template.

Thanks. I was able to get my original score playing again. So this file was originally a VE Pro project. I was able to restore it by the following steps.

  1. Deleting the engine data that you mentioned.
  2. Open VE Pro Server and loading the server instance for this project.
  3. Open the modified Dorico project.
  4. Reassign VE Pro as the playback plugin (this needs to be done to initialize the VST engine).
  5. Open the server interface and choose the VE Pro instance.
  6. reassign expression maps

Note: If you didn’t save a VE Pro Server project, one can be created from the failing file before removing the engine data.