Is possible combine two fonts in notation symbols?

Is possible combine two fonts in notation symbols? i buyed famous (i think) notesymbol font (November 2.3) where is one symbol what i need but others look fine (at least these what i currently seen) but one what used often with this one not look pair at all. Generally i wanted use one font but this case makes me think is possible. as you see these other symbol circle is clearly thicker (is Open and other is Half Open). to my eye this look terrible. of course still better than my own try do such symbol.

And focus only addinational symbols not notes what have them.

You can swap out any music symbols using the Music Symbol editor. For a recent project, I used Bravura for everything except the treble clef, for which I used Maestro.

Oddly when i change notaiton font panel symbols all change. Of course if i define new symbol is can be diffent font. I dont know if they are stored per project these fonts what which symbol uses. then i try do way i use this one special charter from this font what i buyed but otherways use Bravura. looks
And saddly i cannot use this new font fully now and even others from Bravura and this symbol this font looks better than original Open form this font and this Half Open symbol but not still fully pair. is terrible when other developers dont show thier charters and i checked now also free Finale fonts.

Respectfully, it would be much easier to understand your requests if you posted in your own language and let Google translate do the heavy lifting.


I guess there’s no way to embed the used symbols in the .dorico file, so they can be opened on a computer where the 3rd party font is not installed?

You could theoretically turn the font glyph into an image, then substitute in the image rather than the font glyph within the Music Symbols Editor or Playing Techniques Editor. Dorico would then retain a copy of the image within the project.

Ah, okay, that’s the way to go. Thanks.