Is possible to disable to Chord Track?

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Is it possible to disable the Chord Track?


Not at my computer, so I’m gonna take a flyer here, but if you go to the online manual and search “activate Chord Track” all you need do is reverse the process!!!

Jim B

What exactly do you mean by disable? I mute it when I don’t want it to interfere with any audio. But even then it is not disabled. For example it could still be used to color notes in the Key Ed. I suppose if you wanted it to behave like it didn’t exist you could just create a new Track Version of the Chord Track and leave that empty.

Kinda depends on what you want to accomplish.

I mute it and nothing is armed. I play some chords off of my PSR computer’s Style player. However, the chord track gets everything played into itself and replaces the existing chords! Like I said, I’d like to use the chord track from time to time as a reference to my composition. Maybe I should use markers!

That shouldn’t be happening. Are you sure the Chord Track isn’t Record Enabled? Maybe automation, or…?

Some screen shots might be useful, or even better an animated gif showing the problem as it occurs

Was just searching for this myself… (though on Nuendo)

Being able to “disable” a track allows you to differentiate between tracks that are muted short-term vs tracks not in use at the present time, but may be revisited down the line. Relying solely on the mute button for large projects can get messy quick! (for ex., when you hit the un-mute all button)

Possible workaround for disabling the chord track: Have the chord track “follow” a blank MIDI track with an unassigned output routing.

It annoys me a lot too!

Sounds like the track that you recorded into is set to ‘follow’ chord track perhaps?

IMHO the way the Chord Track is setup to play sound is exactly backwards from how it should be. Instead of pointing the Chord Track to play through a MIDI/Instrument Track like now, the Chord should just be another MIDI Port that can be selected as any Track’s MIDI Input. That way you can easily use the Chord Track to drive zero, one, two, or twelve Tracks.

FYI my Template has an empty, unused, not visible MIDI Track (i.e. it can’t do anything) that I can route the Chord Track to. This effectively disables it.

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Raino. I’m totally with you. Very good idea. Thank you for the work around.

Old thread I know but I’ve just started to use chord tracks. This is more for reference than anything else. Just to keep me in tune. I’m getting confused as to why it keeps record enabling when I record any midi and the chords are getting updated.
My workaround is to lock the track once I have the correct chords in place so they don’t change, but surely it’s not supposed to record enable itself every time.