Is Pro 8 Compatible with 6 or Not?

After having problems- constant crashes- with a Pro 8 project that I decided to open in 6, I received this message from Steinberg support: “A pro 8 project shouldn’t be able to be opened in 6. So if you were able to open and save in 6 that is most likely the cause of the issue, if no other project is exhibiting this.”

No other Pro 8 projects of mine are exhibiting problems. So, I would say that Pro 8 is not compatible with 6, at least for me and my system . The question is, is it supposed to be?


According to this sheet, you should be able to open projects from Cubase 6 in Cubase and vice versa.

Aloha S,

I no longer have C6 running but I do have C6.5 available and after reading your post I was able to
successfully open a C8 Pro project in C6.5.

The project contained audio and MIDI files and a few Steinberg plugs common to both apps.

Good Luck!

Mine was 6.07. Maybe the cutoff was 6.5?