Is Quantize broken in Cubase 12.0.40?

It seems I am set up correctly, choosing Bars or Beats (there is not and option for both together as some posts display) in the project window and likewise in the Editor, but it doesn’t work. I can see the grid lines display correctly, showing my recorded guitar stabs slightly ahead of the beat, but, as I try to quantize the stabs nothing happens. There is no movement of the recorded section. Too, as I look under the ‘Edit’ tab of the Project window after hitting Quantize, I can see that the Quantize function is not listed to be ‘undone’.

If someone has some insight it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

“…guitar stabs…”
So, I guess that you are dealing with audio. For this to work you must either use the Enable automatic hitpoint detection in the Preferences>Editing>Audio page, or use the sampler editor in an independent window (not in the lower zone - in it, the inspector pane isn’t displayed - don’t know why…).

Then, in the inspector, use the Hitpoints>Edit hitpoints button. Calculated hitpoints are displayed, allowing you to use the Apply quantize tool.

If no hitpoints are created, indeed, the quantize related commands will remain useless, when dealing with audio events…

Thanks for the assistance, cubic13. I do have Enable Automatic hitpoint detection checked as well as Show hitpoints on selected events under the Event Display line. But the hit points are not showing up in the Project audio.

I’m in Musical Mode as I record my tracks, is this a mistake? I set this up so that I could alter the meter and have the music follow, something that helps get the recording to work. When I say ‘recording to work’ I mean that I sometime alter the meter to see if it changes the feel of the song.

in ‘Project audio’, do you mean the arrange page ? The hitpoints don’t do so either, here. They are displayed only in the sample editor.

Difficult to say, to be honest. I always record everything in linear mode, especially MIDI parts, to be able to adjust freely the project tempo to what has been recorded, before switching to musical mode, but this is MIDI stuff : for audio, and if needed, I use time stetch features, if really needed. So, I would like to be more accurate but, from experience and AFAICS, the Linear mode is more efficient when quantize processes are involved .

This option is located on the Ruler, but you can also check for Selecting the Primary Time Format.


While the one you are probably talking about is the Grid Type image in the Project Window Toobar. This latter only serves for snapping Events on the Grid, not for Quantize.

Make sure AudioWarp is enabled in the Quantize Panel :


There is no Linear Mode their is however both Linear and Musical Timebase which applies to Tracks. There is also a Musical Mode which only applies to Audio Files. They are often confused because of similar naming.

Here’s more detail


Yep, Linear timebase is what I meant. Sorry for the confusion…

Thanks to all for your responses. Thanks to you I’ve sorted my problem. However not before I uninstalled C12 and then reinstalled it using the default preferences and finally creating a new Project. Result: No change in behavior. In the end, I claim idiocy. As Louis_R mentioned above, I hadn’t pressed the Audio Warp button. Which is not a default function but unique and consistent to all Projects based on the user’s selection in any Project - and immediately disappears when a new version of Cubase is installed apparently (unless you open an old project with it engaged, I assume?). Well, the point is, I need to pay better attention.

As a plus, after using the C12 Quantize function in C12 I’ve discovered that it works better than it did when last I used it in C10. Even the ‘Swing’ feature now performs as I had only hoped in the past, with very deep results if needed. A nice surprise. Also, in the past, it didn’t lock onto the beats as the bar amounts increased. However now, it missed only one beat of a bass guitar line in 24 bars of combined 1/8 and 1/4 notes. Cool.

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