Is Region delay possible?

I know how to use the delay from the inspector, but is there anyway I can apply the same type delay on separate regions on the track.

Lets say that I have 4 midi events on my violin track.

Can I delay my 1st region/event 25ms, 2nd region/event 75ms, 3rd region/event 100ms…etc

Does this make sense?

Application is mostly to deal with samples that are a little laggy. I am trying to keep samples in time with other elements in the arrangement. Sometimes different articulation a require different delays (shorts vs. longs)

Can you not just adjust the start time of those triggered sampled from ‘edit in place’ for those notes which are lagging? Or have I missed the point?

I guess I could. But it would be great to keep everything on the grid.

I am coming from logic and this is one feature that is in the plus colume for logic. Delay is handled on the region level vs track level. Just gives you more control when dealing with performance issues regarding KS instruments. Like I said before, legato instruments require different delay settings than say a staccato articulation, especially when the samples are coming from VEP slaves.

Have you tried the Offset setting in the Info Line? It works per part.


Midi events delay is a standard thing in Logic and is very comfortable. I want this option in Cubase too!!! Offset changes the physical position of the notes/events and make it very unconfortable for example to edit afterwards because things are not anymore aligned to the grid!!!