Is Renaming MIDI CC's Possible?

Hi guys!

As the title says, I want to be able to rename some of the MIDI controllers, specifially those with no names, in Cubase. There are a lot of generic CC commands used in EWQL products that I would like to name in order to recognize them. Is this possible?



I don’t think that is possible, but…
You might set up an Expression Map with slots that use those CC.
You can give those slots custom names.
Create a MIDI Device with custom named sliders that can be automated.

Just some ideas…

or maybe the expression maps or Kontakt scripts you can download here may help:

Thanks for replying Lanter. It’s unfortunate that one cannot currently do this in Cubase. Your suggestions are good but not what I was looking for (I appreciate it though). I guess I will have to memorize these CC’s, or write them down somewhere in my orchestral template for reference.

Have a good one!

I’ve been occasionally prodding Steinberg here for a while to create a custom midi event, for things like amalgamating MSB and LSB values in sysex messages or just CCs into a single event. Such an event would then allow us to renaming single CCs too.


Aloha j,
and thanks for your question.

Perhaps the ‘Note Pad’ feature in C6 could be used for this.

That CC info would then be easily available in any project of
your choosing.


Right, that’s what I did. I put it in the SUB Bus’ notepad.

I remember the old days when you could insert a background pic into Cubase and someone created a list of shortcut keys as an image… Very useful!


Now that would be really kool! :slight_smile: