Is Render in place working?

I have been working on a C13 trial project but for some reason even with the part highlighted the render settings are greyed out… Anyone else having this issue?


It is working. Could you add a screenshot, please?

I click upon either option and nothing happens despite the part to render being highlighted.

Try the menu on the project page window with the tack and Event/part selected


That worked so thank you. Although I am not sure why it does not work from the Mixer Menu. I am thinking there are a number of odd issues with C13. It still crashes on every shut down for me!

In the mixer are no elements that can get rendered. You need to select the events or parts to render, and the window needs the focus.

The menu in the mixer is there because the mixer is a separate window now.
You can hide it. Click on the title bar and deselect show menu.


Thanks for that. I will deselect tomorrow. If i can stop the shutdown crashes I will be happier still.