Is Rewire limited to 16 tracks?

Using Live and have 30 plus MIDI tracks. Cubase only sees 16 as outputs - is channel count limited?

Use groups in Live.

OK, thanks for the confirmation.

Not sure how using Groups should help?

Just using a IAC virtual midi port for 16 extra ch. seems to work fine.

I have no idea why are you using MIDI in Ableton to send them into Cubase. ReWire is for Audio.

Or do u have 30 midi in cubase and want to send them into Live?

You can “send” as much MIDI as you want.

But essentially (I believe) ReWire is for using VST instruments of other DAWS. You make MIDI in Cubase and send them to Live / Reason / FL Studio to play their synths.

It easy to move MIDI from LIVE to Cubase.

I’m sending MIDI from Cubase.

My original question was only if there was a ch/track limitation. If you create 32 Analogs in Live, only 16 are visible as output destinations in Cubase. Hence using a virtual MIDI port to control the other 16.

Way more than 16 audio outs. I haven’t got to the limit yet, more than 32.

I’m talking about MIDI/Instrument outs, not rewire audio bus returns


  • I never reached max.