Is Rosetta on? Haha!

When I installed Nuendo 12, I remember enabling Rosetta. But the checkbox in the app/icon/info wasn’t checked. All my VST2 plugins were working and I thought “hmmm, this is cool”. But in my attempt to get Arcade to work, I checked the Rosetta box, and then unchecked it. Whoa!! A bunch of my plugins suddenly got sent to the blacklist folder. I checked the box for Rosetta and all was as before. My question is: is it possible for Rosetta to be enabled even if that box is unchecked?

in Cubase 12 it is a known bug that although Rosetta is switched on after installation it seems to be unchecked in the respective box. It seems to be the same for Nuendo. The only chance to run VST2 plugins in Cubase 12 is to switch on

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Yep! Thanks.