Is Solo available to.Quick Controls?

As per.title, I’d like to assign Solo as one of my 8 Quick Controls. I can select Mute… But I can’t find Solo, and can’t find any references to say that it’s not available .

Have I somehow removed it from the options, or is there a logical reason for not being able to assign it that I’ve overlooked?

Many thanks in advance.

“Solo” is not contained in the list of Track Parameters for Quick Controls.

Thanks @ASM , that’s my view too.

Anyone know why?!

It’s not just unavailable for Quick Controls, Cubase doesn’t allow automating the Solo button.

Thanks @mlib - is that a deliberate policy then? Is there a technical reason? It feels a bit overbearing…

I don’t understand it either, as Solo is actually nothing more than an “inverted” Mute. In the sense that if all other channels are muted, the remaining channel is effectively switched to Solo. So there’d be nothing wrong with including Solo in the drop list.
But that’s just my interpretation, maybe Steinberg has reasons not to do it, or maybe they simply forgot (though I don’t think so).

Thanks @ASM that was exactly my thinking.

It’s not a showstopper but it’s definitely an annoyance! I’ll have to free up a function key on the CMC-QC that I can use, but having mute and solo on the encoders would have been my preference.

So, an object for a feature request… :slightly_smiling_face: