Is Spectralayers One 8.0.20 suppose to show up as an extension in Cubase 12 Pro?

I recently uninstalled Spectralayers One 7.0.30 because I had installed the SL One 8.0.20 upgrade. Then on a recent project where I went to use the Spectralayer extension I noticed it no longer showed up in Cubase 12 Pro. I have searched this forum (and others) and I find nothing to suggest there is an ‘extra step’ I needed to take to make this latest version of SL One (8.0.20) operational or that there is an issue getting it to show up as an extension. All the discussion was about getting paid versions of Spectralayers to work as an extension in Cubase Pro.

As an experiment, I re-installed version 7.0.30 to see if it would appear in the extensions list and…voila…there it is!

So my specific questions are: 1) is Spectralayers One 8.0.20 suppose to work as a Cubase Pro extension? and 2) If so, is there some sort of magic I need to be doing to make it happen?

Not a big deal if it’s not, I have iZotope’s RX 10 Advanced for doing the bigger spectral editing tasks but I’d rather not carry two versions of SL One for the convenience of having a readily available extension inside of Cubase Pro,


Yes, it is. After you uninstall SpectraLayers 7 reinstall SpectraLayers 8 again.

Uninstalling any of them may remove some common components needed for Cubase to pick it up as extension.