Is Steinberg becoming a dry and boring company?

Harsh Title i know !
but seems steinberg /cubase is not innovating anymore, but more tries to catch-up and tries to be updated on graphics and some icons more than the core DAW and forward progress.
the company that innovated VST, ASIO, Linear midi Recording on tracks as we know today,the king of midi in old days, seems struggling to keep the innovation spirit , and focusing more on to maintain their DAW up to date to other relatively newer DAW.
yes they give cubendo more features(and take some out) on each paid update, mostly features other DAWs managed to have for years now, but nothing revolutionary or something that you can say they lead the market again with new surprises and way of thinking, composing, mixing etc…
hope the new AI ERA would be implemented to cubendo in ways that it will stay relevant in the future market of DAW’s.
even things like ASIO,nothing new for years, for example “ASIO 4” to have multiplied sound cards running on a PC, at least for their own audio Cards (yamaha/steinberg) for start !
cubendo is good, and steinberg overall is OK, but not the company that they used to be, as i see it or feel it (maybe im totally wrong and not BIAS or expecting too much !? )

Is Steinberg becoming a dry and boring company?



feels to me like an old player that can play very well Besame Mucho ,and adding some nice trills and ornaments here and there, but not really play the new styles or tries be modern and unique player/composer to really amaze the listener

Personally I think you’re totally wrong, and your expectations are as yet unknown.


I could be mistaken, but isn’t there AI in SpectraLayers?

But maybe a bigger point is that AI solutions can necessarily only be based on some type of summed average of all that’s come before.

If we just want a tool to manipulate sound according to our ideas, AI isn’t as helpful.

I can see where it would be if one wanted to crank out music that sounds like everyone else.

Just my two cents!

SpectraLayers, Dorico, Halion, Backbone, Transverse, MIDI Remote Control, Vocalchain, VariAudio… I’ll stop here.

WHAT do you want to make you happy. Please tell me… WHAT can possibly improve you creativity? What tool? What feature? I started a century ago with only a Kawai Q80 and a sound module (Roland GR-1 guitar synth) and today, I’m overwhelmed and delighted by what we have at a click of a mouse. I don’t follow…



I’ve always missed the Interactive Phrase Synthesizer MIDI processor… from way back when. It was retired around 2000 I think.
I guess it wasn’t really directed towards mainstream composition techniques but I loved what often came out of it.
I’ve always wished SB would spend a little time on more experimental MIDI processors. The ones included are OK, but focus on utility rather than creativity.
Perhaps AI has a role in there somewhere…I dont know.

Just to clarify , I’m not saying Steinberg ,Cubase or other products of steiny are not good or other companies are better.
sure as cubendo user , i want some other Daws features in cubendo for my kind of workflow, and there is always a progress and place for better product. like other Daws missing Cubase features or workflow .
but in general all daws have the same features and adding and coping from each other.
but what im talking about is innovations, like Steinberg did in the past, they invented new terminology in digital music making standards.
of course any feature that existing already on other Daws and are good ones for workflow are welcome, no need to invent every year a ground breaking innovation, but didn’t see it from Steinberg for years.
as for AI, personally I’m not about new AI composing by a click of a button, but maybe assist in tedious works, suggestions, maybe manipulate sounds and mimic (like singers instruments ?) I’m not sure what they can invent too for AI or any other method from Steinberg. just feel they do their “job” in a good way, but not ambitious enough for innovations anymore like they used to .
and when i wrote dry and boring, (harsh a little as i stated on my first post) is not because they suck, but they like any other digital music program company more or less
(but again maybe I’m totally wrong :upside_down_face: )

Interesting clarifications mozizo. For one, I think I have all the tools to make music at home and its sufficient for me. But I know its a very subjective point of view…
Talking about innovation from Steinberg, if it succeed in integrating completely Dorico Pro to Cubase Pro, that would be a huge step/innovation in comparison to other DAWS in my opinion. But I’m not sure if its even in the cards …

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I personally think :
Wavelab: PG has complete control on his baby a progresses it forward in a fantastic way .
Spectral Layers: Robin looks after his baby with the utter most attention and dedication and seeing SL progress to what it is now from Sony 11 years ago is just a great thing .
Nuendo : the flag poopies production suit just ticks along making Steinberg money for those in the film and post production .

And finally … the lost sheep , the one with an identity crisis , not knowing which way to turn , it’s the corporation name maker … CUBASE , the one we all loved , started out on , started sequencing with now just fodder for the devs to try out things before moving on and making their own apps .
I don’t think they are boring , i think when the NEW ERA of Cubase started it’s changed direction .
New head of staff
New out of Europe control shop
New baby devs trying to make a name for themselves , put their mark ofn Cubase whether it’s good or BAD . I don’t think they are boring , just in certain area’s …LOST !

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My only “complain” of sorts about Steinberg is lack of practicality and some love for music production beginners.

While clearly superior music production ecosystem there is this uncool and extremely advanced aura about Steinberg that turns many potential customers away. Its my uneducated estimate that some third of these customers go for other DAW instead of “complicated” Steinberg products.

You download Cubase trial and there is no way you will be able to do anything unless you are at least intermediate user. Even chaotic FL Studio is more friendly for beginners. Less then one minute and you have something to work on. Nothing special but it inspires people to learn more.

I understand Steinberg is serious music production ecosystem and therefore not really focused or interested on beginners but boy they are loosing a lot of money on really simple things.

Like some essential “first steps” videos about Cubase, super simplified music production tutorials for beginners - no 3rd party plugins, ready to go 707,808,909 kits, basic scales in presets, essential chord progressions presets,…really easy but practical learning stuff for newbies.

My two cents…

Breath of fresh air for me :v:

I like things boring.