Is Steinberg Junk?

Here’s my story.

I purchased Artist 9 and installed it into Windows 10. I’ve been using it since around March. Constant pop-ups like this VST or Plugin is about to expire are appearing. Today a pop-up window appeared saying Cubase 9 Pro has expired. Now I cannot open my projects. as they load, they freeze at “loading mixconsole” (see previous post). WTF!!!
asking Steinberg FOR HELP is like asking for the secret code to the Universe. This forum may be of help, but looking at the reply counts, I would say its a long shot. So…is Steinberg Junk?

Maybe you could shed some light into some things like:
Did you buy a boxed version or download version?
did you activate the software with your activation key that was in the box or has been send to you via email?
in case you have: did it download the lizenz properly and stored it on your usb elicencer?

Did you register you usb elicencer for your MySteinberg Account?

Box version was purchased. Of course I purchased it after Steinberg takes all my personal information only to tell me that I can not download from their site. Pardon my sarcasm, but this product is really ^%#[}]>=+|!!.

Activated with the key provided in the box. Everything was working fine.

Everything has been registered to the best of my knowledge. I will check for the tenth time again tonight.

I installed and purchased Artist 9. Why would it tell me that Pro 9 is now expired? Was I using Pro 9 as a trial up until now? Why would it tell me that some plugins are about to expire? Steinberg doesn’t mention that when you purchase Artist 9.

The whole maze and mystery, really is a pain in the ass!

Because you had trial versions running, and they expired.

The relevant question is, can you run Cubase Artist? To which the answer is, yes. But it doesn’t load, probably because there’s plugin in the project that is not loading properly.

Use the Cubase/Nuendo troubleshooting instructions at the Steinberg website to start in Safe Start Mode, etc.

I don’t recall agreeing to try Pro 9 first off. If Steinberg automatically installs the upgraded version at install (which would be very sad), does this mean evertything I’ve recorded is now useless in Artist 9?

Tried safe mode as per my first post. Didn’t t work.

Are you running windows or Mac?

Open elicenser software to see if there is an expired trial license, and if your Artist License is activated.

As mentioned in my opening salvo. Windows 10. I will check your advice tonight. Thanks.

While the original post question has not been answered yet, I would like to thank those who have offered their advise on this matter.

Why would Steinberg automatically install Pro 9 without my consent knowing that it will *^%# my projects in Artis 9?

Safe Mode did not work.

Initializing Preferences did not work.

Updated the software did not work.

Renaming the vst plugins maybe, but I’m lost on this one.

Sorry if it’s a yawn for some, but you offer no help anyway.

Did you check the elicenser software info about your licenses?

We’ll do it this way. PM sent to OP. He can start a new thread after he works on his manners.