Is Steinberg working to fix VSTBridge

Two of my goto VST instruments, are Jamstix3 and Broomstick Bass. Both32bit.

For years I have been using the Midi output of these two VSTS for further editing.

Since moving up through the Cubase range, where they worked OK, eventually to C6,64bit, where the midi output on these VSTs, no longer works.

Apparently with JBridge they do, so, can you confirm Steinberg, that you are planning to fix this.

regards John-Studio64

I’m not from Steinberg, but in short: Properly not!

The transition to 64 bit (AND VST3 for that matter) is a big task for a lot of developers of VST(i)s. Steinberg so far seems to have chosen the it-is-not-our-fault-that-other-developers-are-slow route.

The bridge that comes with Cubase is no less than useless. So my advice to you would be to get jbridge or stop using your 32 bit plug-ins. Jbridge works for most things though, but does get a bit heavy some times. But it is definately the better alternative for me, since a lot of the expensive VST(i)s I use are also still 32 bit (Did any one mention Waves?!!).

Though I love working in Cubase for most parts - and have done so for several years - I’ve never understood the Steinbergian way of not wanting to meet and greet their customers. OBVIOUSLY the transition from a 32 bit to 64 bit platforms are going to take some time - for both users who use the software professionally on a daily basis as well as for developers. So the least they could do is to meet their customers and developers halfway with a working bridge - ESPECIALLY when they have spend the time to develope a bridge that doesn’t work - and a 3rd party developer easily have made a working one.

I don’t feel too bad though. I’ve gladly paid “j” the small amount of cash for a nicely working bridge. He REALLY deserves it! But WHAT a fail for Steinberg in terms of customers (and devs) service.

Try both, if things dont always work in the VSTBridge in Cbase, try jbridge, and vice versa as I found out recently. Sometimes things just won’t bridge in jbridge, and if you point Cubase at them, they work. So a combination of the two seems to be working.

Although most dev’s are starting to catch up, ports to 64bit native are coming thick and fast, Camel Audio, u-he but to name a few.

UAD have announced they are in the works as well and will be out in due time.

Thanks guys for your input.

Ralph of Rayzoon/Jamstix is working on a 64bit version, but unfortunately Broomtick Bass is no longer in development.


VST brisge is as dead as the Commodore computer. You’re really lucky you got one as no company bothered to make any bridges when we all switched to 32 bit from 16.
Too many demanding as though it’s a human right.
If you want to go 64 bit then plan for it and abandon any old 32 crud you used to use. If you need a bridge it’s a sign of basic bad planning which I see as very unprofessional.

Thanks for your input Conman.

I like a bit of straight talking, I think I might have to improve my bass playing skills.


CRUD how dare you :open_mouth: :wink: I don’t call my Wizooverb or Korg Legacy Collections crud…lucky they still work ok with jBridge….



Aloha and same here. I’m waiting next for the new SampleTank 3 64 bit.
Should be kool’.