Is Tango dead or something?

With all the frustration being voiced concerning controllers: Things that USED to work with the MC Pro and Artist Series that no longer work with N6; MCU essentially being dropped entirely, so far as support is concerned, etc., I’m surprised that I’m not reading more posts regarding Smart AV’s Tango
and SSL’s Nucleus

Is there some inherent problem with N6 that has automatically disqualified them as a contoller option? Besides the limitation of only being able to work with one DAW at a time, I don’t see any reason why Tango isn’t being considered especially considering the price of Nuage, Wk id, System 5 MC and now the Raven MTX Controller I shudder to think what that one is going to cost! Just the small footprint of the Tango (with virtually the exact same features) vrs the giant reflective surface of the Raven MTX whould make it worth a second look.

Has anybody had any experience with a Tango or Nucleus controlling N6? What did you think? Has anybody actually tried out the MTX with any DAW? What are your opinions on that?

From Mr Slate …

Prices for MTX: stereo: $15,999 - 7.1 surround: $17,499
Price for MTi: $3499
The MTI features the same touch display technology with nanoglide glass, control software, and state of the art digitally controlled analog monitor section in a smaller 27" table top package with less i/o in the analog section.

Looks cool, but as I tested other touch screen products, I use it only when more than one parameter
needs simultanious tweaking. It is probably the missing exercise, but I don’t like to rudder with
my arms to adjust a knob when I can do so with a few cm of movement with my mouse.
Strange enough, I love to work on real consoles, though…
Must be something mental or just senile stubbornness…

Big K

Wow, all of those prices are better than the MC-Pro! Will it control multiple DAWs simultaneously?

Don’t know but it is Mac ONLY.
I don’t know how any hardware can come into the market these days and only support either Mac or PC and expect to do well. I really like the idea, but my main studio is PC, and would never consider switching just for a hardware controller.

Has anyone tried N6 with a Tango, particularly Tango 2?

Yes. I had one on test loan for a few months.

Tango 2 is great in concept and usability. They did everything right in understanding how mixers mix.
Very fast to work on.
Not very easy to understand and learn at first, you really need to teach yourself to get up to speed.
Physical quality is ok but not perfect.
Very slow and fiddly to set up. Using a 4channel based Steinberg api easily resulting in a mess when setting it up.
Very small company with limited resources. Only a few staff.
Super support, and very knowledgeable staff.
No money to do proper marketing.
To expensive in my opinion.

Several great things, but a few big downsides.

If they would have sold better and if Steinberg would have let them in on the internal api handling all channels I think it could eventually have become the best small format controller ever.

Could you give a few more details on the “slow & fiddly” description? What is the current price for the T2?

Hey Erik, were’d you go? Can anyone else speak to a Tango2/N6 combination?

Sorry been busy working.

Slow in fiddly setup is caused by using a four Handel based API.
The controller itself handles 240 channels so to be able to see 240 tracks in a large project you need to configure one external device per four channels. 240/4=60 devices… And then you need to onfigure a bunch of devices to handle their group and masters, and then a device or each physical unit and I’m sure I’ve or gotten something.
So you’ll probably spend a few hours setting it up properly, and when you mistakenly enter incorrect channel numbers on each device it won’t work properly.

After that’s done properly it is no longer a issue until you need to update N/C or the Tango and have to redo it.
It also results in the longest ever device list ever so you need to edit it the menu editing in the nuendo prefs to get rid of it.

And you need to do this for each machine you want to use it with.

So it IS slow messy and stupidly complex to setup.
And I have no idea if any of the changes to N6 might have affected its functionality.

Just to clarify, in use it is NOT slow or fiddly at all.
Slightly different compared to a few other controllers, so it will require some manual reading to grasp its concepts. After that its fast and smart!

Email them for a quote.