Is the 1st-generation USB-eLc incompatible with current macOS?

I am studying at Shobi Music College, Tokyo. We have a Mac classroom on the 7th floor (main building) with Cubase Pro X 10.0.40 installed (macOS High Sierra).
Since March 2019, random eLicenser issues happen among these macs (including the one being used by instructors), interfering the effectiveness of classes in this room using Steinberg products.

I saw that most iMacs in this classroom are using the 1st-generation (the longest one) USB-eLicenser, wondering whether it is the reason. If it really is, I will appreciate it if you Steinberg official can post a Japanese-translated version of the following article on Steinberg Japan website (since there are really less Japanese people I know can read English fluently, from my perspective. They tend to believe an official translation made by either Steinberg or YAMAHA):


In general, it is compatible. But there are users, they have an issue with it. I would strongly recommend to replace it by the latest newest one. Cubase also becomes faster then (thanks to faster reply from the protected code). :wink: