Is the 1st musical instrument in space an acoustic guitar?

Aloha guys,

Saw this video of an astronaut in space
doing his version of Bowie’s ‘Major Tom’.

He was holding an acoustic guitar.
(not sure if he was playing it tho’)

Given all the electronics on board,
one might think that a hi-tech instrument
like a synth would be first in space.
Perhaps it was.

However I have some question about all this.
heh :slight_smile:

1-What make of guit is it?
2-Did he use a… (wait for it)…‘flight case’ to get it up there.
3-Was that him doing the actual singing; and if so what mic was used?
4-Did he use Cubase to record this? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
5-How was it mixed/EQ’ed/mastered etc?

Just being a lil silly here but I found the vid
to be very impressive.
I also felt a lil jealous watching/hearing it.


I’m sure it’s not the first, but it’s the first we know about… :wink:

You guys don’t get out much!

Canada is out of this world! :sunglasses: :laughing:

Colonel Chris Hadfield… first Canuck commander of the ISS! :mrgreen:

There was I point when I was hoping for some extra free time…Now I’m not so sure, …However, Curteye, looks like you’re not alone in your quest for these answers

You are sooooo right. I’m a bad ‘Kanuck’ for not knowing that.

I’ll now serve my time quietly at Fort McMurray Alberta while watching
the Hallmark Channel show the Gordie Howe story :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


First inst. in space was the a55 horn. :wink:

Are you sure it wasn’t an a55 hat? :laughing:

More likely it was a bASSoon. :mrgreen:

Hmm…maybe is was a CimbASSo! :smiley:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Just bring your Prodikeys!

Does anyone know the phone number for The B@sshole? (the forum changed it to “bassdrum” ? :confused: )

I’m supposed to be meeting Amanda Hugginkiss there tonight and need help with directions.



Looks the same here.


Pathetic, Steinberg, simply pathetic.

I feel like I’m in kindergarten…

We like to call it, “Steingarten”. :laughing:

Google is your friend: Shazam!

And, at the #1 spot, for the second millenia in a row, it’s…

I am NOT the bassdrum! :imp: